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Ben 10 OmniGames – Description

Grab your Omnitrix and prepare for battle in Ben 10 OmniGames, the latest exciting adventure for all Ben 10 fans!

Play as Wildmutt, XLR8 and Fourarms in three explosive missions of fast-paced, monster-smashing fun! These missions will test all of your alien abilities as you battle vicious bats, gruesome slugs and electrifying drones!

CALL OF THE WILDMUTT - Ben’s on the run! Leap across platforms, dodge the enemies and pick up the Omnitrix to transform into Wildmutt! Use his incredible speed and double jump ability to get as far as you can!

FOURARMS - RAAAWR! Fourarms is under attack! Pulverize the mutants with his gargantuan fists by tapping the screen! Charge up his Big Smack ability and hit his chest to destroy all of his enemies in one powerful attack!

XLR8 TO THE RESCUE - When Ben needs speed, he needs XLR8! Dodge speeding traffic, smash drones and defeat the mechanized menace in this action-packed sprinting adventure!

STINKYFLY SPORE ATTACK - An exciting new adventure featuring the flying alien hero Stinkfly. Coming in the next Ben 10 OmniGames update!

*** FEATURES ***
- Your favourite Ben 10 characters
- Explosive gameplay
- 3 exciting games (with more coming soon!)
- Optimised retina display
- Live global leaderboards

Do you have what it takes to save the world?!