Tyler is the first one to question the battleballs and his earth saving assignment. He knows more than the other guys about the burdens they will face as Super Noobs.


Kevin had dreams of being a Human Cannonball, but those dreams are on hold since he’s been thrust into super-heroism. Kevin is really the only one in the gang who relishes in the superpowers.


Shope is a super smart and super logical eighth grader. She uses that logic and a profound knowledge of the sciences to understand things like her complete ineptitude in sports and fashion. Her brain has simply been wired for different and more important things.

The Roach

Teddy Roachmont - aka The Roach - who is a year younger than the other Super Noobs has been known for his overall unkempt appearance since kindergarten. The Roach is the ultimate thick-skinned hero which means he’s perfect for a search and rescue team.


Memnock was encouraged into service by his dad who is legendary in the Benevolent Alliance. He thought it would be a good chance to “see the Universe”.


Zenblock is definitely the strongest of the crew and has vowed not to leave the Earth until he can turn the Super Noobs into men, which is technically 8 years.


Supernoobs is where ordinary kids get the amazing powers we all dream of, like using enhanced sensory perception to tell when a teacher is about to pop a quiz!