Apple and Onion


Apple is always ready to sing a song, crack a joke and help others. He’s great at solving puzzles and can find the good in anyone! He and Onion are the ‘Perfect Team.’


Onion is a loyal friend who’s smart, careful and always looking out for others. He loves to play video games and basketball. He and Apple are the ‘Perfect Team.’

The Foodiverse

The world of Apple & Onion is filled with funny food friends called ‘The Foodiverse!’ From Hot Dog movie stars to Chicken Nugget police officers, you never know what food you’ll see next!

Apple and Onion

Apple and Onion are two best friends who live in a big city full of other food-people. Together, they use their can-do attitudes and out of the box thinking to find new adventures around every corner, take on the challenges of life in the big city, and make some new friends along the way!