Yo-Kai Watch


Nate lives in Sakura New Town and after meeting Whisper, he gets the Yo-kai Watch, which let him see other Yo-kai. 


Jibanyan is a cat-Yo-kai that can transform into anyone he met at least once. The special cards it carries can curse whoever they touch, though their effects are limited to trivial things. 


Shogunyan is a legendary Yo-kai and Jibanyan’s ancestor. Shogunyan used to be a popular Samurai warrior. 


Komasan is a lion-dog Yo-kai who ran away after getting bored of guarding its shrine. Now it wanders around Sakura town in search of a new home. 


Komajiro is a yellow lion-dog Yo-kai and Komasan’s younger brother. 


Blazion is a lion Yo-kai and king of the beasts. It has the ability of motivating people.


Walkappa is always carrying a special plastic bottle that can pour an endless supply of water. 


Whisper is a Yo-kai that popped out of an old capsule vending machine and started following Keita everywhere. It is vain and charming somehow.  

Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-kai are invisible monsters that are behind many of the common troubles we face every day. Befriend them and you can help solve these ordinary problems!